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    Utah, Arizona, San Diego, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Bali
    An ultimate self-care holiday where vacation meets transformation

My Story

It all started when I took The Science of Well-Being course at YALE University through Coursera during the lockdown in June 2020. Special shout out to Dr. Laurie Santos!

Thank you for planting the [happy] seeds in millions of people around the world through your teachings.

Since taking the class, I have noticed a mindset shift and a strong commitment to choosing a healthy lifestyle. Been doing daily yoga and meditation practice since then. I even dove deeper in these practice by taking yoga+meditation classes myself. Through my journey, I've experienced a massive change in my overall well-being and unknowingly began my self-discovery in the process. I know I'm not alone in experiencing this so I wanted to share this amazing journey with as many people who are  in the same path.

My goal is to help more people to navigate their way to wellness and work towards a healthy and happy body, mind and soul through wellness resources like workshops and retreats - online and in-person.

This site is a rich resource of curated wellness retreats found around the world as well as wellness guides + experts who can help.

If you are a wellness expert and want to collaborate with me on a wellness retreat, let's talk.

If you are an individual on a wellness path, congratulations on investing in yourself. Keep up the good work and stay on course. I hope to see you in one of our events 

and hope you become a member as well.

Love + Gratitude


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