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My Story 

My Wellness Journey + Mission

Hello Beautiful! Thanks for visiting my page.


When I took The Science of Well-being course during the lockdown in 2020, something was set in motion. That's the good side of having time affluence during the global pandemic.

I really thank Yale Professor Laurie Santos, Ph.D. for being the catalyst. It was an eye-opener. I must admit, I haven't given much attention or concern about my total well-being until I attended this class.

My goal in creating this space is to help more people discover that being happy is achievable, even if you don't have the perfect body, nor have lots of money or living a perfect life (like those you see in the 'gram). And that's science-based and there are plenty of studies (and TED talks) to prove it! I'll write about the strategies I learned from The Science of Well-Being in my blog.

Connecting the dots...

I've met many experts in the wellness space the past decade as an independent meeting planner and as a marketing consultant in the US.

So I thought why not marry this new-found passion with what I do best which is collaborating with people and curate a unique wellness experience? 

I want to connect you and the experts to help you in your wellness journey. I think that's my job here. A match-maker, a master curator is what I am calling myself.

So, what now?

I personally think it all begins with a healthy mindset and setting the intention to live your best self.

To quote from the greatest minds:

“Our life is what our thoughts make it” -Marcus Aurelius

“What We Think, We Become.” -Buddha

Once you set your mind and heart, all you need is a daily practice and accountability. That's why it's important to have a vibrant and supportive community to do it with. Even just virtually.

I did my daily yoga with Adriene purely online and I share it with my family and friends through social media.

Like most women who are new to this wellness journey, I am looking for a community to be with me to achieve a happy body, mind, and soul!

I invite you to join me in this overall well-being path. Either as a wellness expert or a member. And together, we can live healthier and happier in body, mind and soul.



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