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We dreamt of doing an in-person retreat today in Hawai'i...however there are things we cannot control. And we believe these are messages from the Universe that we cannot ignore. Things happen or don't happen as planned in this case, but it doesn't mean we give up.

We still want to do our first in-person in Hawai'i. Just not on this magical day...But it will happen this year and it will be magical nonetheless. We're getting ready for the best experience we can offer. Our wellness experts are ready and waiting for you.

We believe that everything has its perfect time and place. We trust on the Divine Intelligence that everything will happen when it's supposed to happen.

So for now, I wish that all your dreams come true especially on this magical day! Look for signs and messages of hope. Look for alignment in your life and be grateful for it. Pay attention to what is speaking to you and how it is speaking.

See you very soon...

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