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Announcing our First Virtual Retreat this Summer 2021!

Updated: May 27, 2021

We're happy to announce that we are hosting a virtual retreat happening on July 5 - 9, 2021 around our theme: REVIVE

We have collaborated with our wellness partners to put together a free virtual retreat to help us return to our normal activities after year-long lockdown and restrictions, revive our spirit, and re-join the world happier and healthier in mind, body and soul.

Here's what to expect:

Just like on in-person retreat, we'd like to have everyone meet and greet virtually on Day 1 in real-time via our online platform, where we will set the stage for the week. We will also do some mindfulness exercises and meditation to set our intention for this retreat.

On Day 2, Marga Castro Zarraga, M.D. will join us for a whole BODY series talk where she will discuss wellness, self-care and nutrition. She will also connect the Body+Mind wellness in this 30minute session.

On Day 3, Coach Christy Croft Barko, R.N. CLC will talk about the works of the MIND. She will tell us why we are the way we are and how we can break bad habits and how we can re-wire our brain using Mindfulness strategies.

On Day 4, Dorothy Lenore Tome, M.Ed. will help us meet our higher true self and discover our purpose as she talks about the Ego vs. Self during our SOUL series. Perhaps she can offer some EFT sessions during this call if you tune in live.

All sessions will begin with a soothing meditation or breathwork and end with some yoga movement.

On our last day together, we will put together everything we've learned and conduct a closing circle where we can have an open discussion, and encourage each other to keep the momentum going.

I hope you can join me on this exciting journey and we look forward to helping each other achieve a happy mind, body & soul.



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