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Be the Best YOU in 2022

Join our wellness partner, Samantha Kaaua, a relationship expert, Inner Mosaic (TM) Coach, and the Founder and CEO of The GEMMS on January 29th, 9:30am - 4pm Hawaii time.

Are you longing for more balance in your life? Many people often share with me that they can't seem to find a healthy balance in their life. They may have felt that they focused too much on their career and making money in 2021, which took them away from the very reason they're working so hard - their family. For others, they feel that their health was put on the back burner and they really let go of their routines, physical fitness, and nutrition this past year (or never ever felt that they had control over this area of life.) And finally, I found that the greater majority of people have put their dreams, their life purpose, or their calling on hold! They fell into a monotonous rhythm and made little to no progress towards bringing their deepest desires to life. Join Samantha Kaaua as she teaches:

  • The most effective way to find the balance you've been longing for in all areas of your life (without forming a million new habits or changing who you are).

  • My triple "A" success formula (on a much deeper level than I've ever explained it before).

  • How to create a crystal clear plan of action to bring your dreams to life with so much more ease, joy & flow.

  • Tips and tools to help you stay on course the whole year through.

  • And so much more.

Register in our Events page to get a special rate or go to and use code: HappyME50 to get a 50% discount!

SAMANTHA KAAUA is an Author, Professional Keynote Speaker, Inner Mosaic Coach, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and founder of The GEMMS with Samantha Kaaua, an international coaching company focused on helping individuals to transform their lives through building healthy relationships. She is Amazon best selling co-author of Short Sweet and Sacred and is working on her second book where she shares all of her trade secrets!

Visit Samantha's website to get to know her.

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