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FREE Live Session March 3-5 - Dr. Marga Zarraga

We would like to invite you to this unique FREE VIRTUAL LIVE EVENT : GUIDE N GROUP to interact with award-winning physician, Dr. Marga Zarraga, as she teaches her wellness formula for resilience and continued self-development.

Say No to Anxiety & Depression THREE (3) FREE VIRTUAL breathwork sessions For Trauma, Anxiety & Depression

Guide n Group FREE Virtual Breathwork Guidance Mar 3, 4, & 5, 2022 Thursday to Saturday 9am PST | 12 noon EST

Speaker: Dr. Marga Zarraga, 2021 Family Physician of the Year What you get in 3 Sessions? -Three Secrets to Self-Care Success -Three Reasons for Misery & Dissatisfaction -The Right Next Best Step Formula Last Day to RSVP March 1, Tuesday, 5PM RSVP required to receive Zoom info Email:

Limited slots available.

These are small intimate groups where Dr. Marga shares her expertise in the mind body medicine approach to self-care, as a family doctor and wellness coach. Many therapists and psychiatrists have full panels and schedules. And yet, you deserve to get the support you need to improve your mental health and vitality! Please consider "MZMD Wellness Center" as a resource for your needs.

  • Mental Health Therapy

  • Mindfulness Training (i.e. breathwork, visualization, language play)

  • Energy Work & Alignment

  • Emotional Mastery- Group Wellness Classes

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