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Free Virtual Summer Retreat

Let's kick the summer off to an amazing start!

Join Marie Kueny and six powerhouse women on a journey to reclaim your inner Goddess.

This FREE virtual retreat has been designed to inspire, enlighten, and maybe even surprise you.

Check out the incredible schedule below.

Once you register for one date, you can attend all of the retreat events and have access to the recordings as well (in case you're camping without a wifi signal!)

Goddess Retreat Schedule June 18: 'Opening of the Heart Ceremony' with Marie Kueny, Host June 20: 'Create a Space Fit for a Goddess! How to Use Feng Shui to Amplify Your Home's Energy" with Laili Gonzalez, CEO of The MeaZured Life June 21: 'Goddess Transformation Circle' via Zoom with Marie Kueny, Host June 22: 'Embody Your Sacred Sexual Priestess' with Jaitara Jayde, CEO of Feminine Artistry Academy June 23: 'Inspire Self-Love Through Your Personal Goddess Style' with Yolanda Taylor, Founder & CEO of At the Style Table June 27: 'Intuitive Eating as Nourishment for the Goddess' Body, Mind, and Soul' with Agnis Pena-Toro, Psychotherapist and Body & Food Liberation Coach June 27: 'Elevating Our Lives Through Art and Creative Manifestation' with Shakaya Leone, Founder & Owner of Earth Empress and Soulful Creative June 28: 'Goddess Transformation Circle' via Zoom with Marie Kueny, Host June 29: 'Your Happy Home: Elevating Peace, Love, and Fun for Your Family this Summer' with Megan Barella, Parenting Educator and Founder of Parenting for the Next Generation June 30: 'Goddess Retreat Closing Ceremony' with Marie Kueny, Host

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