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Letting Go

Saying goodbye is not always easy...but sometimes, circumstances arise and situations change and one has to make a decision.

When I created Happy Body, Mind and Soul, I am determined to help as many people explore the ways to achieve happiness, despite not having the perfect body, perfect relationships or a perfect life.

I learned that there are many people who have the same mission as well, either through meditation, yoga or mindset transformation. I wanted to bring all aspects of the body, mind and soul into one retreat where people can feel rejuvenated and come out of it with tools that can help them become happier in life.

Last year, the universe has presented me with an opportunity to do the same thing, but with a bigger mission and vision. Something that will change the lives of millions and millions of people around the world. It is so similar to what I'm doing here but on a bigger scale. I thought, isn't that perfect!

However, it's not that simple. Because of some potential legal implications, it appears like I cannot serve both masters. I have to pick one. I've been sitting on it for the last few days and contemplating the pros and cons of each. Have also sought some elderly wisdom and advice from people I respect. And after much thought, I have come with a conclusion that it is best to put this one on pause for now and focus on the bigger goal.

There are still opportunities for me to bring the same experience but with a much bigger audience in the future and one that would revolutionize healthcare as we know it.

I am excited to share that with you on another platform, another name.

For now, I'll see you later...and thank you for being part of this community, even for a short period of time. I enjoyed every single conversation with you.

Thank you to all my wellness partners, I will talk to you again soon!

Stay healthy and Be Happy, always!


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