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Meet our Wellness Expert - Coach Christy

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Super happy to introduce to you our wellness expert resources for our virtual wellness retreat happening this summer on July 5-9!

We are honored to have Coach Christy Croft Barko, RN, ACC, CMT, Women's Mindful Wellness Coach to talk about our MIND and how it's linked to our happiness and success!

Break Free From Old Habits, Transform Your Life

In this session, you will learn how your beliefs directly impact your results and a 3 step process you can use to break free from old beliefs that are holding you back!

1. Understand the link between beliefs and results.

2. Identify a belief that has been a roadblock for you in the past.

3. Walk away with a 3 step process to transform that limiting belief into an empowering belief that will ensure your success.


Christy Barko is an RN, ACC credentialed health and life coach, Certified Meditation Teacher and the founder and owner of Thrive Consulting Services, LLC. She is also the creator of the Mindful Wellness Institute, a program designed to empower women for success through the art and power of noticing. She combines her knowledge of brain science with the art of mindfulness to create powerful and long-term change for her clients. She believes that the key to any type of success in life begins on the inside. She offers a range of programs for those just wanting to dip their toe into their personal growth all the way to those ready to commit to long-lasting personal transformation in all aspects of life. In her spare time you can find her enjoying time outdoors, spending time with her family, or volunteering for various mindfulness and coaching organizations.

You can learn more about Coach Christy's coaching strategy by visiting her website and booking your 50 minute coaching call!

Register now to save your spot and get the recordings!

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