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Meet our Wellness Expert - Coach Dot

We're thrilled to introduce to you our wellness expert resources for our virtual wellness retreat happening this summer on July 5-9!

Dorothy Tome, MA. ED., Author & Certified Life Coach will join us on Day 4 to talk about the SOUL and bring it down to us earth dwellers. And NO, it's not religious talk!

Remembering the Soul's Purity

If the Soul is that “divine element in us that retains its heavenly purity,” according to A Course in Miracles, then why do we sometimes feel it is imprisoned, unhealthy, or broken?

How do we “return” to this purity if we never left it in the first place? Find out more in our segment on the Soul.


Dorothy “Dot” Lenore Llariza-Tome is facilitator of A Course in Miracles in-person and online study groups, co-producer and co-host of online show “On the Dot” at PHLV Radio in Las Vegas, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Angel Card Reader. Her studies, experiences, and persistent interest in The Enneagram, the Law of Attraction, Montessori and Waldorf pedagogies, and non-duality thought systems are her guideposts in coaching family, friends, and clients in the US and the Philippines.

Dot holds a bachelor’s degree in Humanities, major in Comparative Literature and Broadcast Communication, and master’s degree in Education, major in Teaching English as Secondary Language from the University of the Philippines.

You can find Coach's Dot in the World Wide Web:

Website Love and Miracles – By Dot Tome (


Facebook personal

Facebook community



You can also email her at if you want to schedule an angel card reading or tapping (EFT) session.

Register now to save your spot and get the recordings!

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