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Meet our Wellness Expert - Dr. Gena Yuvette Davis

It's our pleasure to introduce to you our wellness expert resources for our virtual wellness retreat happening this summer on July 5-9!

Dr. Gena Yuvette Davis, Psy.D., MBA, BCC, CCP, Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach will talk about The Seven Types of Self-care on Day 2, July 6.

To practice self-care is not selfish!

It is selfish not to care for yourself FIRST!

Learn strategies on how to love yourself and be the best vesion of YOU.

She will talk about The Seven Types of Self-care from her e-book!


Dr. Gena Yuvette Davis, PsyD, MBA, BCC is passionate about speaking to

corporate professionals about using SELF as an instrument of transformational

change. As an organizational psychologist, executive coach, and corporate

trainer, Dr. Gena works with newly minted executives in companies across

multiple industries by helping them stretch beyond their habitual cognitive

thinking patterns, relating abilities, emotional intelligence challenges, and

problem-solving gaps. It is through her speaking, training and coaching roles

that new executives become more confident, credible and influential in

their roles.

As a keynote speaker and workshop presenter, Dr. Gena speaks to audiences

globally via online or onsite, and shares a rich message with practical tips,

strategies, tools, and motivating advice attendees can start implementing that

same day. Dr. Gena is passionate about helping people become their best

selves, and her enthusiasm and energy quickly spreads to those fortunate

enough to hear her speak.

You can know more about Dr. Gena's work and how to contact her through her website.

Register now to save your spot and get the recordings!

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