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Meet our Wellness Expert - Dr. Marga Zarraga

Super excited to introduce to you our wellness expert resources for our virtual wellness retreat happening this summer on July 5-9!

Starting with Dr. Marga Zarraga, MD, Mind and Body Medicine Physician who will join us on Day 2 to talk about BODY+MIND and overall wellness from her medical background.

Wellness to Illness: What is the Tipping Point?

If you have one or more chronic medical issues…

If you are on one or more medications that you cannot seem to shake off no matter what you do…

If you cannot rid yourself of unwanted weight...

Dr. Marga Zarraga, MD will share the relationship between your emotional health and your physical health and 3 clarity strategies you can do today to navigate a path away from illness and towards total wellness.


Marga Zarraga, MD is 2021 Family Physician of the Year selected by the Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Zarraga has been practicing family and integrative medicine in New England for over a decade. She is also the creator of MZMD Transformation Guidance, a 12-week program targeted for patients and healthcare professionals to learn and teach resolution of disempowering and draining psychological habits through a method she calls, “Review, Reframe, Rewire”.


Dr. Marga's Credentials:

Founder & CEO, Genera Health Direct

2021 Family Physician of the Year, Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Family Medicine & Community Health, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Chair, Philippine Medical Association of New England

Register now to save your spot and get the recordings!

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