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Meet our Wellness Expert - Karla J. Aghedo, Esq.

It bring us so much joy to complete our wellness expert resources for our virtual wellness retreat happening this summer on July 5-9!

Karla J. Aghedo, Esq., CEO of Houston Wellness Workshops for Women (H3W) will join us on Day 4, July 8 to talk about spiritual wellness and how we can keep our vibrations on higher level!

Learn strategies to stay grounded, raise your energy and use the power of gratitude to keep your spirit in high vibration.


As mom of 3 young children and leading a demanding career as a lawyer, Karla shares strategies to professional women who want to reclaim their power through wellness through her Houston Wellness Workshops for Women. H3W offers wellness experiences, connections, resources, and information for professional women.

You can find join H3W group on Facebook.

Register now to save your spot and get the recordings!

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