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REVIVE: A Virtual Wellness Retreat

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

It's been several months since this idea started and thought we could not do it because of a little stop sign on the road.

But after some recalibration from the Universe, with a little intention and change in perspective, we are BACK from our little side trip to check that shiny object!

We are now focused on the goal, in full throttle and ready to head on the road to share our mission to the world!

And what is that MISSION?

To spread love, kindness and joy.

To be present and mindful.

To love yourself so you can serve others better.

To have a happy body+mind+soul!




Without further ado, we are ready to REVIVE!

re·vive /rəˈvīv/


  1. restore to life or consciousness.

  2. regain life, consciousness, or strength.

  3. give new strength or energy to.

After a 15-month lockdown and restrictions due to the global pandemic, I think we can all agree we could use some REVIVE in our lives.

To bring to life a new you, a come back from the restrictions fully conscious, aware, energized and revitalized.

REVIVE is like a refresh button for all of us, to get some fresh perspective of life, how we live it, and who we want to become.

REVIVE offers a virtual setting for us to gather and learn from our wellness experts who have graciously given their time, talent and willing to share their golden nuggets to all the participants online, for FREE!

We are very proud and grateful for this collaboration because this is as holistic as you can get when it comes to wellness topics.

We have invited seven wellness experts: a body+mind physician, an organizational psychologist & executive coach, a fitness coach, a mindfulness coach, a wellness coach, a life coach, and a yoga teacher/reiki healer to give us some nuggets and strategies on how to lead a healthy and happy life!

All in one week of virtual retreat for your total WELL-BEING: Body, Mind and Soul!

Here's what to expect:

Just like on in-person retreat, we'd like to have everyone meet and greet virtually on Day 1, July 5, in real-time via our online platform, 9am Pacific, where we will set the stage for the week.

We will also do some mindfulness exercises and meditation to set our intention for this retreat to be led by Coach Christy and self-love embodiment flow with a sound healing by Gianna Mauceri.

On Day 2, July 6, Marga Castro Zarraga, M.D. will join us for a BODY+MIND session where she will discuss the relationship between your emotional health and your physical health. You will walk away from this talk with 3 clarity strategies you can do today to navigate a path away from illness and towards total wellness.

Immediately following Dr. Marga, Gen Coco of Gens Gym will talk about fitness and weightloss and how you can ditch the diet mindset. Learn how you can enjoy the food you love and keep the weight off and in the process achieve a happy body and a healthy mindset!

We'll close Day 2 learning strategies on how to love yourself and be the best version of yourself, as Dr. Gena Yuvette Davis, Psy.D talks about The Seven Types of Self-care at Noon Pacific time.

On Day 3, July 7, Christy Croft Barko, R.N. CLC will talk about the works of the MIND in the morning, 9am Pacific. She will tell us why we are the way we are and how we can break bad habits and how we can re-wire our brain using Mindfulness strategies.

As a bonus content, Coach Christy will come back at Noon to talk about The Science of Stress and the Art of Relaxation.

On Day 4, July 8, Dorothy Lenore Tome, M.Ed. will help us meet our higher true self and discover our purpose as she talks about the Ego vs. Self during our SOUL series. Perhaps she can offer some EFT sessions during this call if you tune in live at 9am Pacific time.

Gianna will be back on Day 4 to lead some soul-soothing body movement and sound healing.

At Noon, Karla J. Aghedo, Esq. will talk about how to use your energy and attract a good and happy life! Learn strategies to stay grounded, raise your energy and use the power of gratitude to keep your spirit in high vibration. What a way to end Day 4 on a high note!

On our last day together, we will put together everything we've learned and conduct a closing circle where we can have an open discussion, live Q&A and encourage each other to keep the momentum going. We will end with Your Future Self meditation led by Coach Christy. This will be a LIVE session at 9am Pacific on Day 5, July 9th.

Coach Christy is gracious enough to offer a group meditation or breathwork on Tuesday through Thursday at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern, to end the day. This will be live via Zoom as well.

Each session is about 30-minute with some Q&A. The speakers are split into two times slots, one at 9am and another at 12nn Pacific time with the exception of Day 2 AM session wherein we got two experts back to back Dr. Marga and Gen's Gym.

This format allows people at work to take a break and join us live. Can't join live? Don't worry, we will send all the recorded sessions to those who have registered.

We would appreciate it if you could SHARE this with people you know who might benefit! Thank You and hope to see you in REVIVE!

Register here:

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