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Revive Body+Mind+Soul Through Daily Practice

We are so proud to have two amazing teachers join us 'live' in our virtual wellness retreat to lead some meditation, breathwork, light yoga movement and sound healing, on July 5-9.

Coach Christy will lead us on a visualization and meditation on Day 1 to Set Intention for our retreat. She will also come back daily at 5pm Pacific | 8pm Eastern for a live meditation via Zoom to recap each day. Finally, she will lead a guided meditation on Future Self on Day 5 during our closing circle at 9am Pacific.

Gianna, will join us on Day 1 for an intro to body+mind+soul exercise with some self love embodiment flow to be followed by crystal sound healing at 9am Pacific. She will also join us on Day 4 to lead us to some soul-soothing breathwork, movement and crystals to inspire and awaken our inner bliss (spirit) at 9:30am. Mark your calendars!

Gianna Mauceri is a spiritual teacher, intuitive energy healer, writer, and co-owner of the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing, offering wisdom and guidance through personal transformation.

Specializing in private mentor sessions, Reiki energy healing, guided meditation and crystal bowl sound healing.

Learn more about Gianna here:

Coach Christy Barko is an RN, ACC credentialed health and life coach, Certified Meditation Teacher and the founder and owner of Thrive Consulting Services, LLC. She is also the creator of the Mindful Wellness Institute, a program designed to empower women for success through the art and power of noticing. She combines her knowledge of brain science with the art of mindfulness to create powerful and long-term change for her clients. She believes that the key to any type of success in life begins on the inside. She offers a range of programs for those just wanting to dip their toe into their personal growth all the way to those ready to commit to long-lasting personal transformation in all aspects of life. In her spare time you can find her enjoying time outdoors, spending time with her family, or volunteering for various mindfulness and coaching organizations.

You can visit to know more about how you can work with Coach Christy.

Be sure to catch our six amazing wellness experts as they talk about Body+Mind+Soul. Read our previous blog to know what to expect.

Register now and we would appreciate it if you could SHARE this with people you know who might benefit! Thank You and hope to see you in REVIVE!

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