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Mental Health Matters

October 10 is World Mental Health Day!

Mental health plays a big role in your inner peace and happiness.

Here are a few reminders to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being:

  1. Know what works for you

Are you the type of person who likes introspection and reflect on your own?

Or are you more of the one who needs to vent it out and talk to someone?

Do you like running or do you prefer being in a quiet space?

Whatever, it is, DO that.

2. Pause, Breathe, Meditate

Science has proven that meditation improves our emotional state. Sometimes, even pausing and taking a breath helps especially if we're overwhelmed.

If you're new to meditation, try sitting for 5 minutes on your own or listen to the free or paid meditation apps. We recommend Daily Yoga, Chopra and Ten Percent Happier apps.

3. Observe your thoughts. Don't judge them.

Similar to meditation, observing your thoughts is something we can all practice more. Being mindful of your thoughts and not judging them as good nor bad is one of the benefits of mindfulness.

4. Get moving

We all know moving our bodies produces the happy chemicals in our brains. So go ahead and do your favorite exercise: yoga, weights, run or just walk. Anything to keep those oxyticin and endorphins coming!

5. Be in nature

Sometimes, being in nature and getting some fresh air and sunshine is all we need to clear that fog. Even better, invite someone and enjoy that sunset view and have some good laughs or two!

6. Talk to a professional

Lastly, if you feel like these practical tips do not work, do not hesitate talk to a professional and seek medical advice.

What is your favorite? We'd love to know how you take care of your mental health!

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